Clearing goods through customs

July 31, 2016

Whether you’re a sole trader, a larger business or an individual, if you’re considering importing goods into Australia by air or sea freight, customs clearance is undoubtedly the most complex aspects of the transaction.

While there is no requirement for importers (companies or individuals) to hold an import licence to import goods into Australia, getting advice from a Customs Broker can pay dividends. A licensed Customs Broker knows the system inside out. They can help to ensure your freight is processed promptly and efficiently, and not consigned to a holding warehouse waiting for quarantine or inspection because something has been overlooked or the paperwork has been incorrectly filled out.

International shipping is complex which is why the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Border Protection publishes hundreds of pages of regulation, policy and compliance information relating to import permits, restrictions, labeling and countless other classifications and requirements for importing goods into Australia by sea or air freight.

The importation of goods has many variables all of which depend on the nature of the goods themselves, their value, the type of permits required and any restrictions that apply. Failing to conform to any of these regulations may well result in costly and inconvenient delays, seizure of goods or significant penalties if you’ve got it wrong.

The majority of businesses have neither the time nor resources to competently navigate their way through the maze of regulations on how to:
• calculate taxes and duty;
• estimate import fees and charges;
• procure bills of lading or airway bills;
• compile packing lists and insurance documentation; and
• complete and lodge import declaration documents.

This is why the Australian Government strongly encourages importers to engage the services of a Customs Broker to assist with customs clearance.

The benefits of using a professional service
Whether you plan to import goods to Australia occasionally or your business relies on international shipping for its inventory, employing a local solutions based logistics company which offers a professional personalised end-to-end service make good commercial sense.

An experienced licenced Customs Broker can simplify the import process and save your business the time and effort needed to navigate your way through the cargo-sphere.

Because they are licenced by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection you can trust your MYCARGO Customs Broker to efficiently complete the Import Declaration and lodge your application electronically through the Department’s Integrated Cargo System.

How we add value
A properly qualified and experienced Customs Broker can guide you through the complex and constantly evolving regulatory environment for the importation of goods into Australia, including:
• laws and regulations
• tariffs, valuations, concessions and exceptions
• rules of origin
• free trade agreements
• trademarks, copyright and intellectual property guidelines
• prohibited goods

Contact us for general advice on international shipping and detailed information on customs clearance and quarantine protocols for the importation of goods into Australia.

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